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    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE R18

    6 tahun waktu yang cukup bagiku menunggumu - danielLantas untuk apa kau menungguku jika kau hanya mengeluh seperti ini - sejeongJangan pernah membohongi dirimu hanya untuk melindungi satu hati yang tak berhati- unknow

  • melodrama


    Reyhan Yoarth KingswellTak pernah ingin gagal dalam hidupnya, dia ingin mendapatkan semua yang dia inginkan. Benar saja semua dapat dia jangkau dengan kekayaan melimpah, paras tampan, body atletis, serta IQ yang tinggi. Dia selalu beranggapan bahwa segala keinginannya dapat diwujudkan dengan segala kelebihannya. Anggapan itu sirna ketika seorang cewek bernama Vania Ersania menghadiri hidupnya dan tak ingin kehilangannya. Berbagai cara dan cobaan dari Ersa harus Rey lalui agar mendapatkan hatinya. Tetap saja Ersa tak mau karena alasan khusus. Apakah alasan khusus yang akan membuat Rey bertahan atau mundur dari Ersa? #pradiptad

  • Melodrama: A Novel

    Melodrama: A Novel

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE HEALING

    John is a young man with his entire life ahead of him.Until he kills a man in a drunk hit and run.Now, John must figure out how to navigate through life knowing that his secret threatens to upend everything just around the corner.Melodrama is a story about imperfect people in imperfect situations. A story about love, sexual awakening, grief, addiction, justice, retribution, revenge, and maybe . . . redemption.

  • Dear Luna -  A Letter from your Alpha

    Dear Luna - A Letter from your Alpha



    Anjali Roy Age 20 the goal to become a professional Photographer but committed a crime taking the supernatural K-Drama love interest too seriously. On the other side, we have Dong-jun, 25 years old CEO of the k-pop talent hunt agency, having a hidden secret that only unravels on the full moon being a werewolf."Bro don't forget the untold law of K-Drama the one who falls in love first gets rejected first," Viddhi said,“Baby girl according to the Indian melodrama law of love just staring at the one you love all day with no words. Dance and sing around, then no one can stop the one you love to fall in love back with you. To get the sickness of lovariya” Anjali mumbles with the passion in her voice.Well, the untold law came out to be true of K-Drama and the law of Indian melodrama failed."I reject you, Anjali Roy," Jun said, feeling a tug on her chest as a fake smile plastered over her face."Well, when did I even propose to you to get rejected by you Kim Dong-Jun..."Who will reject whom? Will this K-Drama supernatural love story mixture of some masala of Indian melodrama work?The unwanted love between them comes closer only to path away farther than before as the time repeats once again. Ending up hurting themselves... Wait, that's not over, that's where the second lead comes with the letter holding in his hand."I hope after reading this you will go out with me" Here comes another handsome Oppa yes yes. (Cringe~ about cringe)But who will win the fated or the genial with no bond love? *Spirit Novel 2021*All the credit of the art goes to its artist

  • Subdue! , My Military Wife.

    Subdue! , My Military Wife.


    “ Some Relationships are fated despite the challenge of space and time. “The sky didn’t changed colour nor the birds sang for them when they first met.Nothing special happened .For him , she was one among the dozen girls, his mother shortlisted for his potential future bride. For her , he was just the grandson of her grandfather’ s friend , whose party she was attending........Mo Sihuan aka. Black Hawk , the captain of Imperial's most elite Secret Force Unit and also the youngest major general in the military was known for being two- faced as, for his subordinates and comrades , he was a frosty-eyed Devil but for the outsiders and family he was the epitome of a filial son and a gentle prince.Snow— The top Female Assassin of the world got killed by her own organization. She got reborn in the body of the heiress of the elite Tang family— Tang Xiulan , whose existence had been ignored by her own family.Getting a second chance in life , Snow , aka Tang Xiulan worked to live a respected and happy life with her loved ones. [ Its an Original story ]* The credit of the cover goes to the rightful owner.Full of sweet romance , Action , melodrama , comedy and face-slaps.

  • W : Two Worlds ( Who? And Why? )

    W : Two Worlds ( Who? And Why? )

    Genres: Fantasy, Melodrama,Romance, SuspenseOh Yeon Joo is a surgeon whose father is a famous comic book creator. One day, her father goes missing and she rushes to his workshop to look for him, and instead finds a strange man, Kang Chul bathed in blood. She is kidnapped by him and taken to a different dimension.

  • Matched: A Collection Of Original Shorts

    Matched: A Collection Of Original Shorts

    4 short stories from Melodrama To Violence and betrayal

  • Love High School

    Love High School


    Cinta SMA, melodrama remaja kelas 12-D yang penuh aksi. Satu sekolah, sebangku, sahabat dan tetangga sejak kecil. Sebelum mengenal cinta, seorang wanita telah mengisi kekosongan hati Bima. Cinta platonis yang dimiliki para remaja begitu rumit, sampai keberanian itu muncul hidup mulai berwarna. Namun, cinta harus menghadapi cobaan berat, taruhan hidup dan harga diri. Cinta SMA, rela mempertaruhkan pendidikan demi CINTA.*Cut Ara*

  • When you’re angry. When you’re sad.

    When you’re angry. When you’re sad.

    Realistic Fiction R18 HEALING

    These are thoughts collected when feeling extreme emotions. In no way are they everyday thoughts or opinions. This book is not suited for anyone under the age of 15. Warning this book depicts depression and/or suicidal thoughts. This book was made purely for the hope that the author can use this to cope. If you don’t like this genre or the book/topics make you uncomfortable. Leave while you still can. Basically it’s like a diary, I post this so I may find out about myself and hopefully learn something from it. I do not post everything on here and some of the chapters might be removed due to either sensitivity issues or me being unwilling to share the thoughts anymore. Grab a bag of tissues and a box of melodrama and we can all just cry this out.

  • Moon Lovers

    Moon Lovers

    Let's cheer for a strong female lead and no Melodrama ladies!I dare you not to fall in love with Katherine Grande.Follow this romantic story of Nathaniel Waters, a business tycoon and Katherine grande, an entrepreneur.Also get your daily scoop of motivation. Because if Katherine can, you can too.

  • The World Beyond

    The World Beyond

    Having spent most of her life in the hospital bed, medicine and pain, all she wanted was to be free of pain and suffering.Opening her eyes again, she discovered a whole new world filled with mystery, magic and bloodshed. **********A girl,A pure black bird,A world with magic andA journey to be told as they explore what lies beyond the new world she lived in.TAGS: Rebirth; Magic; Melodrama;



    Teen COMEDY

    This story is about a girl (Gi Yu Ri) who always have faced misfortune. Her parents met with an unexpected accident in a plane crash while they where flying back to take there daughter after holidays. She ended up living with a cruel women who always treats her harshly. After meeting the guy Lee Yooha(male lead) her life changed . She even had a new attitude ownde with her. This story is a melodrama which is written by Tiyanchi .

  • Goblin ( Dokkaebi )

    Goblin ( Dokkaebi )

    Genres: Fantasy, Melodrama, Romance ...Kim Shin is a goblin who is also a protector of souls. He lives together with an amnesiac grim reaper who is in charge of taking deceased souls. Shin doesn't want to be immortal anymore and seeks a human bride in order to end him immortality. Meanwhile, Ji Eun Tak is a high school student who despite her painful reality, remains optimistic, ends up falling in love with the goblin. Sunny is an owner of a chicken shop, she is a bright and attractive girl who is loved by all men. However, while encountering hardship in her reckless life, she'll meet the grim reaper and begins to change....

  • A Thorny Love Story

    A Thorny Love Story

    He was a cold hearted boy. She was a gentle loving girl. She loved him with all her heart. He felt nothing in his heart. She was heartbroken. He felt dislike. They had been happy a year, and unhappy five years after. In the end, she found true happiness. He felt bottomless emptiness. The story was a hundred chapters of melodrama, sorrow and tears. So, when Vy woke up as the lead at the beginning of the story, he decided to make it his. "This is me," he told himself. "This is my story. And I know exactly what this story needs. Some joy and laughter." He would take Li, the female lead, to her destined happiness easier and earlier, without the suffering and the heartbreak. That would make for a different, and maybe a nicer, story. And he had Dee to turn to for help.

  • Lovers Without Shame

    Lovers Without Shame

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE HAREM

    Secrets.Betrayal.And scandals.-There are no clean hands in this melodrama. Childhood best friends, Janaya and Kyla, live the perfect lives. Perfect jobs, perfect social life, what could possibly go wrong? Both Janaya and Kyla have devoted and faithful husbands. Yet Janaya can't understand why she was drawn to Isaac Adams. Kyla's Husband! It could be the fact that after all these years she still had feelings for him or it was a moment of weakness. With her husband's busy on-call schedule, it leaves Janaya little to no time with her man. Janaya then turns to Issac for comforting but gets a little more than what she hoped for. After the first incident, Janaya felt guilty, promising herself to take the secret to her grave. She couldn't hurt her Elliot any further. A man who cherished her. However, Elliott has a few secrets of his own.

  • Dunia Sekarat

    Dunia Sekarat

    [Cerita ini hanyalah cerita fiktif. Semua yang disebutkan tidak terjadi di dunia nyata dan hanya bersifat khayalan. Terima Kasih] *** Pada dasarnya manusia akan menilai seseorang dari cerita orang lain. Attar Alterio memiliki kekasih bernama Raya. Ia mengenal Raya sebagai gadis baik yang lugu, tipe anak rumahan yang suka membantu Ibunya. Bukan remaja nakal seperti gadis-gadis yang dikenalnya di RB. Juga ada Astan Giovan, seorang anak organisasi yang taat aturan dan benci kekerasan. Memiliki seorang kekasih bernama Felysia Arabella. Selain cantik, Felys juga baik dan ramah. Mereka selalu di sebut-sebut sebagai representasi nyata dari ucapan 'Laki-laki baik akan bersama dengan wanita baik-baik.' Pertemuan yang telah direncanakan membawa mereka pada konflik yang tak disangka-sangka. Satu persatu masa lalu kelam Raya terbongkar, juga ancaman bagi hubungan Astan dan Felys. Sebenarnya apa yang terjadi? Dan bagaimana mereka bisa terhubung saat di mana mereka tidak berada di satu tempat yang sama? "Gue penasaran sehebat apasih cewek lo sampe bisa merubah lo kayak gini?" "Kamu itu sebenarnya palsu, kan?" "Sebenarnya yang mana sifat asli kamu?" *** Start : 22-2-22 End. : - Genre : Fiksi remaja. (Romance, melodrama, psychological drama) [Note : Novel dark dengan R18+. Bukan konten seksual dan vulgar. Diperuntukkan untuk dewasa muda. Jika tidak suka mohon jangan meninggalkan komentar kebencian. Cukup jangan membacanya. Kritik dan saran, bisa tinggalkan di kolom komentar. Terimakasih]

  • Hood Fantom BK1 by Janey2430

    Hood Fantom BK1 by Janey2430


    This is a melodrama of six teens going around burglarizing and vandalizing people's property,lashing out their own inner demons into the world.They form the Fantom gang with the leader being Tera Dixon,the most deadly of them all.The group committed all sorts of wrongs but never murder;until one tragic night that lead to the death(murder)of two members,Maryland Dixon and Alissa Morgan.Join Tera Dixon and all the other members as they become what is known as HOOD FANTOM.Was their childhood so hazardous that it led them down this path?How far will emotions take six teenagers?Why would you get knocked up for your bestie's boyfriend?What is love when your from the hood?"Bitches like me don't regret shit nor do I regret killing Maryland and Alissa "

  • RINJANI : Berdialog Dengan Luka

    RINJANI : Berdialog Dengan Luka

    Romansa Anak Muda FAMILY PEREMPUAN

    NOTE : CERITA INI BERDASARKAN KEJADIAN NYATA YANG KEMBALI AUTHOR TULIS ULANG DALAM SUDUT PANDANG SEBAGAI PENULIS. NAMA TOKOH DAN TEMPAT SAYA SAMARKAN. **** Setelah kepergiaan orang-orang tercintanya, Rinjani berada dalam titik dimana dia harus membuang impiannya. Hidup di tengah keluarga dan masyarakat yang masih memegang teguh prinsip bahwa 'perempuan tidak perlu berpendidikan tinggi', Rinjani berusaha melawan keterbatasan diri hingga di pandang sebagai 'pemberontak' hanya demi sebuah mimpi untuk mencapai kesetaraan dengan kaum lelaki. Ditengah perjalanannya, tak jarang pula ia menemukan konflik batin dalam dirinya sendiri. Meski jurang di depan matanya, Rinjani memberanikan diri untuk mengambil berbagai macam resiko, hingga suatu hari jalan yang dia lalui membawanya pada setitik cahaya. **** Semua orang pasti memiliki cerita, tentang jatuh dan bangunnya. Semua orang pasti memiliki kenangan, tentang sebuah proses yang menjadi bagian dalam perjalanan hidupnya. Begitu pula, aku, kamu, mereka, dan kita semua. Ini bukan sebuah kisah romansa dalam balutan melodrama. Ini hanyalah sepenggal cerita yang aku tulis ulang, untuk sekedar mengenang, sekedar mengingat, dan sekedar berbagi tentang pengalaman hidup. Yang kadangkala kita menemukan kesedihan dan kebahagiaan yang datang silih berganti. Namun, jadikan setiap prosesnya menjadi bagian penting dari sebuah perjalanan sebelum kita mencapai titik akhir kehidupan. Cerita ini saya peruntukkan untuk kalian yang saat ini sedang jatuh dalam kesedihan. Untuk kalian yang sedang merasakan kesepian. Untuk kalian yang tengah merayakan kehilangan. Pula untuk kita yang masih terlalu banyak bercanda dalam menentukan pilihan dan masih terjebak diantara kepingan kenangan. Teruslah melangkah, maka kau akan menemukan akhirnya, dan biarkan semesta yang bekerja menyelesaikan tugasnya. **** Semoga isi cerita bisa menginspirasi setiap pembaca. -Reyna Ryn- @indah_wati

  • 100 Summers With You

    100 Summers With You


    A town with mid-climate, strong-willed people, and a haunting murder case that happened 7 years ago. Everest Thompson was a witness of this murder when she traveled in her bike on her way back home. Traumatized by the brutal murder of her brother and shocked at the skeptical ideas of her neighbors, Everest is left scarred by the prior events. She lives her life peacefully until the case is reopened by the new kid that justed arrived to her little town. Will Everest find the truth about the Galilee Lake Case or will she be silent for ever? Other Announcements: 1) If you're going to review, please review with words so that other new readers can choose to read or not. 2) This story will have romance but romance isn't the main genre so its not going to be solely romance. 3) This story is fictional, nothing is factual so please excuse me if some things aren't accurate. 4) Please read my other stories: My Secretary is a Spy?! ( romance), God Gave Me You (melodrama romance), and others.

  • Jasmine ( Floral Series)

    Jasmine ( Floral Series)


    She was his deepest secret, he was her love, it was the time to unveil it.-----Alizey, a newly Muslim girl living a life undercover from her paternal family, with her sister and mother. They had survived through many hardships after her father's death. But what will happen when a sudden wedding invitation will arrive at their doorstep? More appropriately it was a proposal for a family reunion. Will life be easy on them or there will be another hardship waiting for them with open arms?But how long can she live a life of secrecy when she had been engaged to her Uncle's son before her father's death.Dawood, a practising Muslim and family-oriented, caring young man, who was sent away from his family and her for the sake of his betterment. What will be his reaction when Alizey will again unwillingly step into his life? Will he fell in love or hate her more?Let's step into the fantasy world of Dawood and Alizey and unveil the secrets ourself. Enjoy the melodrama of young Muslim couples with the desi touch of Pakhtun culture.°°°The journey from hardships to prosperity. From strangers to love