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  • Sovereign of Lust

    Sovereign of Lust



  • I'm In The Demon King's Body

    I'm In The Demon King's Body


    Noah estava jogando um jogo chamado [Herói vs Rei Demônio] em seu computador. Depois de matar o Rei Demônio, graças a sua [Classe Lendária | Herói] ele foi recompensado com a chance de ter a [Classe Lendária | Rei Demônio] e é claro que ele aceitou. Quando ele aceitou a recompensa, a tela do seu computador desligou, um raio surgiu em cima da sua cabeça e atingiu ele e seu computador. Agora quando ele acordou, ele descobriu que estava dentro do jogo [Heroi vs Rei Demônio] no corpo de um humano, Noah Straax, mas o problema é que o nome verdadeiro do Rei Demônio é Noah Straax. Graças a sua [Classe Lendária | Heroi] que ele tinha quando estava jogando o jogo, e estando no corpo do cara que tem a [Classe Lendária | Rei Demônio] ele despertou uma [Classe Única] chamada [Heroi Demônio] que é uma combinação das classes [Classe Lendária | Heroi] e [Classe Lendária | Rei Demônio].

  • The Possesive

    The Possesive

  • Loved By a Vampire King

    Loved By a Vampire King



    After getting banned from her own world at an young age for a greater purpose, Esme Watts was living happily in the human world. Disguising as a human girl, she was getting immense love from her human parents. Slowly, she was forgetting her own identity and was living her life well with some beautiful and loving people around her.One day her joyful world turned upside down when she was suddenly kidnapped.After getting kidnapped by the ruthless vampire king Aaron Richards, Esme Watts was forcefully locked up in a dark room waiting to be rescued by her dear ones.Even every breath she took was too painful for her numb body..As days passed, she kept searching a way to escape from this terrific vampire world. But after knowing Aaron personally and closely, will she try to escape or will she be trapped by his possessive love? Will Aaron love her after knowing her true identity?? Why did Aaron want her desperately? All is in the name of love or something else! || Silver-Tier WINNER Of Prompt Contest --133 ||Part 1 ~ LOVED BY A VAMPIRE KINGVolume Sequence ~ Volume 1 -- Volume 5Status: CompletedChapter Range -- 1- 263WARNING: Both Novel Contains Mature Contents but No Sexual Assault!_____________________________PART 2 ~ SPIN-OFF SEQUEL Title: LOVED BY A DEMON KING { Volume 6-. }Theme Line: When Curse Is The Beginning Of Her Love...!!Status: ONGOINGChapter Range: 264-SYNOPSIS: Being the first hybrid of two worlds was a blessing and curse for Ayra Chole, the controversial Princess from the world of Fairies. Possesing the immense power of two different creatures in the paranormal world, her journey towards living wasn't sweet like others anticipated more specifically after being a powerful princess who was treasured by her family like a gem. Dealing with everyone's hatred and jealousy since her birth, she constantly had to deal with her transparent emotions. She wasn't born to fear anyone except her own powers which goes uncontrollably wrong frequently.In this flicker of hope to find someone who could love and accept her trueself wholeheartedly, her mind was always restless in search of true love. One day,someone had finally picked up the courage to ask her hands boldly. But wait,who was he? The rumored Demon King, Cedric Arnaldo Dixon who was disdained by everyone same alike her coincidentally. The king of dragons whose hands were always filled with blood. Needless to say that he was rumoured to be hated by his own father ever since he born. A man who changed women more often like any ornaments. Rumours said that he had no heart to love others and killing was the only solution of his every arising problem.Very commonly, she was going to reject a rebellious man like him but the man had no other firm intention rather than claiming her as his own bride.How will their journey go around with so much hatred and evil powers? Can this two bloom the flower of love in their hearts? Or an untellable curse was going to destroy everything? ****SNEAK PEAK ****One night, he whispered beside her ears as she kept writhing underneath him," Darling, you can never fall out from a Demon's love. Once you have fallen in love with someone's evil side, you should know that he is your end game in this life time."Tags: #Demon #Hybrid #Fairy #dragon *** Cover is owned by me.Design credit all goes to @Art_By_Arpi on Instagram. Contact her on instagram to get your amazing cover done.***WARNING : Do not use the cover without permission. It is a copyrighted cover and solemnly belongs to me. For Donations and Support Author personally, Join me on Patreon:https://www.patreon.com/AnamikaAnaA:N: This is an unedited book! So you may come across grammatical errors or typing mistake! --------------------------------This Novel Belongs To W E B N O V E L. C O M Exclusively Only.**********************Instagram : anamika_author Discord : Anamika Ana #5922Email : suhanikaanamika@gmail.com

  • Possesive Brother

    Possesive Brother

    Kim Taehyung dan Kim Jennie adalah anak dari pengusaha sukses dunia, kedua orang tua mereka tinggal di Dubai.Taehyung hanya tinggal bersama Jennie dengan beberapa pelayan dirumah mereka.Taehyung yang entah sejak kapan menyadari perasaannya terhadap sang adik membuatnya menjadi kakak yang possesive.bagaimana kelanjutannya?silahkan membaca?

  • Possesive Bos

    Possesive Bos

    "Aku suka kamu!" Tiga kata terlontarkan dari mulut seorang lelaki yang amat di kesal oleh Helen sendiri. Antara terkejut, shock, waktu berhenti seketika. Helen Jovanka Kimberly harus bersabar menghadapi Bos sinting yang selalu ia juluki tersebut. Kehidupannya yang terus di ganggu setiap hari, setiap saat hingga setiap waktu. Bagaimana untuk kehidupan Helen bisa dirinya mengatasi semua cobaan di alami pada Bos sinting itu? "

  • "The CEO Possesive Love!!"

    "The CEO Possesive Love!!"

    The cold hearted CEO sublimed by only her glimpse ...decides to make her his wife...his possesive love devoured her passionately!!!

  • Possesive Boyfriend

    Possesive Boyfriend


    Nathania Keyla Adhitama, gadis yang memiliki paras wajah cantik, imut dan lucu berhasil menarik hati beku sang most wanted di sekolah barunya hingga membuatnya tak bisa lepas dari kekangan pemuda tampan tersebut.Gavino Ananda Zibrano, sang most wanted di sekolahnya karena memilik wajah yang begitu rupawan. Dikenal dengan sifat dingin, cuek, arogan, dan kejam. Membuatnya ditakuti oleh semua siswa/i. Namun, apa jadinya bila ia menyukai seorang siswi baru yang berani menentangnya?***"Jadi pacar gua, atau gua dorong lo dari sini!""Jangan! Oke, gua mau jadi pacar lo!"

  • Aggresively Possesive

    Aggresively Possesive

  • possesive boyfriend

    possesive boyfriend

  • My Possesive Husband

    My Possesive Husband

    "Nikah muda itu ga gampang, apalagi kalo suami kalian super duper posessive dan yang lebih parah punya kadar kemesumannya yang high class!" - Cantika Dewi Prayoga

  • My Millionare Possesive

    My Millionare Possesive

    "Kau adalah milik ku sayang, dan milik ku tidak boleh di sentuh oleh siapa pun!"Alex Counsman''Aku bukan milikmu, aku milik keluarga ku,dan aku bukan barang yg bisa seenaknya anda miliki" Joy anata putri

  • My Possesive Brother

    My Possesive Brother


    Bagaimana rasanya memiliki kakak yang posesif? dan bagaimana jika seorang kakak yang jatuh hati kepada adiknya sendiri!? akankah kisah mereka berjalan dengan baik atau merusak semuanya?

  • My possesive boyfriend

    My possesive boyfriend

    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE COMEDY

    Matahari mengajarkan kita bahwa pada setiap pertemuan yang hangat terdapat sebuah perpisahan yang indah - Anonim

  • Mr. Possesive

    Mr. Possesive


    Abel is dating Alex who is famous on campus with his cool and firm nature, but who would have thought that behind his assertive nature he hid a trait they never expected, including Abel

  • He's Possesive!

    He's Possesive!

    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE

    Al menyukai dan mencintai Safira. Mereka pun akhirnya berpacaran. Namun hubungan keduanya tidak berjalan lama karena tidak di restui oleh sang papa dari Al.Tapi, mampukah keduanya untuk tetap bersama? Kendati banyak rintangan yang menghampiri.

  • My possesive husband

    My possesive husband

    Romance ROMANCE R18

    well, i'm typical girl who always do the same thing everyday. nothing special in me until my life got intertwined with him. he's an arrogant creature make my life turn upside down and claim me, " You're my angel, babe". " Mine and forever mine" . i want to break free from him at first, but my heart capture by him as time goes by. with his green eyes that always tell me that he need me more than anything in this world.

  • My Possesive Neighbor

    My Possesive Neighbor

    Kelvin move to his new house,away from his parents. The environment and feeling is new for him. He is now an adult and want to start to make a decision all by himself. But his good days and happy life will turn upside down when a boy living next to his house is bumo into him. And wanna know something more crazier? One night after going at a bar he found out next morning that he is sleeping next to his neighbor. When you think bad things happen to you,well worst is coming. That's when he realized "Why am I naked?"

  • My Possesive boyfriend

    My Possesive boyfriend

    Romansa Fantasi ROMANCE FAMILY SAKIT

  • Possesive Hot Prince

    Possesive Hot Prince


    Her name is Aleta. She is beautiful and charming girl who lives alone. Her mom and father was died after a car accident. One day she found a white snake appear and trapped in the pipe behind the restaurant. She help the snake. But after that, strange things keep happening in her life. She doesnt know that actually the snake is a....

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