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  • Gaara of the Desert

    Gaara of the Desert


    When a teenage kid is transported to the world of Naruto, he is set on an adventure like no other. He is now Gaara of the Desert and will change the story of Naruto to its very core. He will fight many enemy’s, unlocked powerful Jutsu and make allies. Almost everything will be changed from the main plot line, this world will know destruction like never before.

  • In a desert

    In a desert

  • Into The Desert

    Into The Desert

    In a world of hurt people, one questions who is right.

  • The desert

    The desert

    I was just a normal man who have all the things to get happy. But oone day, when a suddenly trip in Egypt arrived and all of my beautiful live dissapear...

  • Rose in the desert

    Rose in the desert

    MIRAAN ROHERO(age 30)He belongs to a strong politician family. Along with having ties in the politics , they are also running the underworld.Miraan is the current mafia head. He is fit for the position with his ruthlessness and coldness, Guns have been in his hands since he couldn't even remember. He is brought up keeping in mind, which position he has to take.AGHA SINAAN HAIDER (age 30)He belongs to a strong sindhi family. He rules over his area, he has multiple businesses along with acres of land. He is a guy who believes in traditions and knows how to keep them alive.CHASHMAN AHMAD(age 20)A young lovely girl, with a big heart. She has milky white skin and chocolaty brown hair, she has plum red lips and stands at 5 '6 with all the self confidence. She helps everyone she can. She believes in giving and giving. But is there all love? Or is there also hatred for some, for those ,who caused her pain? Who took everything away from her?ADAR SIYAAL(age 18)A quite girl, with huge hazel green eyes and black hair. She is petite and barely 5'3 .She looks like a doll, who is boring to many. But is this girl really boring? Or just hidden in a lot of layers, with a lot of mysteries?____________If you are interested, join the journey️

  • Desert Country

    Desert Country

    Brandon has just graduated from university as a primary school teacher. As he travels to his first teaching post, he wonders what he’s got himself into. From the airplane, the tiny town of Gunnanilla looks no bigger than a cattle station. And when he lands, he steps into heat such as he has never encountered before.<br><br>Sweating and feeling faint from the extreme temperature, he meets his new boss Mark Petersen, the racist principal of the only school for miles around. Then he meets the school’s other teacher, Mark’s wife Trina, and the students, most of whom are Australian Aborigines.<br><br>Life in the small town is no picnic. In the summer, the heat is unrelenting. In the wet season, the town is cut off from the outside world and all deliveries are brought to a halt. There is only one television channel. To top it all off, there are any number of poisonous creatures around, such as snakes, scorpions, and spiders. How’s a poor city boy like Brandon, who’s interested in fashion, music, and clubbing and none too confident with his sexuality, going to cope?<br><br>Enter the handsome, rough-around-the-edges miner, Frank. When Mark warns Brandon that Frank is gay, it seems this town might finally have something to keep him entertained. But how can he meet Frank without drawing attention to his own sexuality? How can anything possibly happen between them in such rough, tough, and macho surroundings?

  • Red Desert

    Red Desert

    A young, alien girl yearns for something more in life and finally gets the chance to be who she wants, but not in the way anybody expected.

  • Desert Bloom

    Desert Bloom



  • Desert Emperor

    Desert Emperor


    A man who had bad luck that he had just been fired from his job, he was fired for offending the son of the company director. after that he went back to his boarding house and he felt very frustrated, to get rid of his frustration he tried watching videos from the internet, when he was cool watching a video he suddenly got an email from a stranger, when he opens the e-mail he sees the contents of the invitation to play the game. Intrigued by the story? please continue the story in "War of Lord"l

  • Desert Storm

    Desert Storm

    17 year old, army brat, Camo (Cami) Storm is with her father and partner when their helicopter goes down during a horrid sandstorm. When they wake up, they're caught in a shoot out of epic proportions, barely surviving the outlaws responsible. Now, the three of them must survive the wild west; beating off coyotes, dehydration, starvation, freezing nights and some unbelievable myths come true; until they find a way home, or die trying.

  • Desert Dwellers

    Desert Dwellers


    Sarina is forced to flee into the desert after her kingdom, the city of Bamm, is attacked by something unknown. Sarina is introduced to a magical coven of witches that are hiding away in an oasis in the middle of the desert. She will work alongside the mysterious, handsome man who rescues her and try to save the kingdom. What awaits her is the possibility of love and adventure, but with love comes pain and with adventure comes danger.••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Attempting to become a rising author. :) When the collections reach 100 or the book receives 100 power stone votes, then I will begin releasing 2 chapters a day! Thank you for your support!Contact for publish:

  • Desert Arid

    Desert Arid

    A girl name Marry was orphaned at the tender age of ten but at least she's alive. Marry was taught from a young age to be kind to the people around her, to help those in need, to live think and breath like a Desert Arrid. To be a Desert Arid is a peaceful way of life meant to promote survival by cooperative means. Unfortunately, kindness is what killed her parents. Marry has decided she won't make the same mistake.-----------------------------------------------------------This novel is the story of a survivor who wants to learn how to live.



  • desert lips

    desert lips

  • The Red Desert

    The Red Desert


  • The Desert Walkers

    The Desert Walkers

    Arizona is home to the largest desert in North American, the Chihuahuan desert. Feran only wanted freedom, but when he escapes from an animal shelter in almost the middle of nowhere, he has no choice but to try and survive the desert. At least it's better than being in a cage, right? Along the way, Feran makes friends, enemies, and more. So join him as he tells his life story.

  • The Empty Desert

    The Empty Desert

    Sci-fi Romance ACTION ADVENTURE


  • bride of the desert

    bride of the desert

  • Fences in the Desert

    Fences in the Desert

    Can one decision change your life? Can it start a chain reaction? Is what happens destiny? Fate? Is it inevitable? Is the first love the only one that matters? I could blame a lot of things for where I am now - a sea of bodies in orange caged in by rows of fences in the middle of the desert. For years and years... Locked up.I could blame so many things! But it can all be pinpointed back to one decision...And I would never change the choice I made.