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  • You are trending in my dreams

    You are trending in my dreams


  • XIANXIA: Against the trend

    XIANXIA: Against the trend


    Haung is reincarnated in a world where humanity is at war with invaders from other worlds. As he comes to know in the future it was not accidental for his soul to reach this world, but rather some bored existences using mortal lives for entertainment tried to transgmirate him but it failed on his part, for some reason, even the cheat he came with was lost in the process. It was in that way a good thing in disguise to loose the cheat as it was more like beacon of where he was. He managed to escape their control due to loosing the cheat they had fused in his soul when an accident that leads him straight to the underworld to reincarnate instead of taking house in another's body as expected happened. Getting rid of the existences control, he goes on to start his adventures with only past life memories.

  • An Experimental school trend.

    An Experimental school trend.


    Life suddenly became tough with mom suddenly falling ill and compulsory education is done. now I don't have any money left to join high school. Join Rexa Valarine as she strives for a scholarship at a former all male school for her further education. She is quite but friendly. let's see how she makes so many friends and enemies on her path to finishing higher education.The education system I write might be different from reality as am combining various countries systems. Please bear with it.The places, names and characterization all are plainly my imagination. It doesn't mean anyone. The story belongs to me.please don't copy my work. it's a draft in my brain. I'll try my best to update frequently. not gonna be too lengthy.I hope you will support me in continuing with my writing. do leave reviews,comments. I welcome them wholeheartedly.

  • Earth's Greatest Magus

    Earth's Greatest Magus



    #Top 20 Webnovel Trending for over a year History was written by the victors, they said. If so, how about the history of Earth, where we are living in now? Two millennia ago, a young boy named Emery met his tragic fate. During his last breath, he was taken and accepted into the most prestigious school of magic in the Universe. “You are among the chosen few from thousands of human worlds. Whether you take hold of this opportunity or not, it is up to you. You are at Magus Academy, the peak of humanity's ingenuity. Magic, science and might are all available to those who seek them." [Scan complete - Quadruple affinity. Water, Earth, Plant, and Darkness.] "A quadruple acolyte! Only one in tens of thousand acolytes have this!" So began Emery’s journey together with his 4 friends from the furthest corner of Earth. Each year they returned to Earth to grow, get revenge, save the princess, conquer the world, and to became Earth's Greatest Magus. Their names are still written in our history books until today. Authors Note: I have always been fascinated by writing fantasy relating to historical facts. In this story, you will find characters inspired by real-world myth and legend. The universe I created hopefully will make the reader's imagination excited and logically plausible. I hope you enjoy it. Check Out Video Trailer on youtube type "Earth's Greatest Magus" ‐------------ Author own Review after writing 800 chapters It’s a Slow Burn, as slow as the whole volume 1 maybe depressing to read. The MC is still a little boy and he do mistakes. But if you could pass the second volume you will see how this story could stay in the webnovel top 20 trending for over a year. Here are some of the things you will find here MC: Heroic, weak to strong, classic good guy in a cruel world. Fortunately, you will see he has many good friends who could fill up his weaknesses. World: Imagine Harry Potter combine with StarWars System: It is a Magic story but with a System to easily follow. There is also cultivation Harem: No, there are many female characters. But I enjoy romance first. So even if there will be more than one love interest it will be deep. Other: There is deep research on science and history throughout the novel. Hope you will give this a try and be surprised

  • She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

    She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement



    The Assertive Female Lead VS The Super Strong Male Lead During a fire, the nation’s first love was disfigured, and her future was ruined! Her fiancé was disgusted by her face and broke off their engagement. Her adopted mother regarded her as the dirt on her shoes and chased her out of the family. She then wrote a letter to break off the engagement and another to cast off her family before she left! After Yu Huang left, the people in the entertainment industry said that after she left, she dyed her hair red, wore a veil, and went to nightclubs every day! But some thought that she went into detention centers. Just when everyone thought that Yu Huang abandoned herself to a life of degeneracy, was sent into jail, and could no longer create any sensational news, Yu Huang got herself trending again. Education Department of Prosperous City: We congratulate Eternal High School’s Yu Huang for becoming the top scorer with 7xx points! Congratulations on being admitted into Divine Academy! That is the academy that will only take in 10 geniuses every year! From then on, Yu Huang began her counterattack. She was reborn, and she shocked the whole world! Sheng Xiao was the greatest genius Divine Academy ever had, and his looks, too, were one of a kind. But he was an aloof person who did not fall for any woman’s flirting. Hence, he was known as the Aloof King of Hell. One day, someone saw him pin Yu Huang in a corner and grab her hand. He said, “You can predict the future. Tell me, are you the only person in my future?” Yu Huang looked into his future, and she shook her head. “No. You have a pair of cute, lively children in your future too.”

  • Astral Apostle

    Astral Apostle



    Human civilization expanded into space, and its territory spanned across galaxies. During this great trend of interstellar migration, Zhou Qing accidentally awakened the power of traveling to various Astral Realms. He was able to create [Astral Realm Apostles] as vessels for his soul and project them onto different realms. This allowed him to travel through various worlds with different identities. His unremarkable life was met with an unexpected twist of fate. Every time he created a new Apostle, it was like being reborn. Yet, slowly, he realized that the Human civilization wasn’t completely ignorant about the existence of other realms… —— Multiple-dimensional worlds, multi-dimensional factions. This is an clash of fate between realms! And he is the only being who is able to travel amongst the realms in countless different shapes and forms — The Astral Apostle!

  • Being A Shrew to My Ex-Husband After Our Divorce

    Being A Shrew to My Ex-Husband After Our Divorce



    Su Yan had been crushing on Wei Zhou for seven years, only becoming his wife after an accident. Everyone mocked her about her luck, claimed she had married above her station, ridiculed her, and ostracized her. But Su Yan didn’t care. Her seven-year crush had finally blossomed and she felt only bliss. Yet, Wei Zhou had thought she was a scheming woman who used underhanded tactics to win his hand. It was all a misunderstanding! Su Yan tried to explain but Wei Zhou wouldn’t believe her. Eventually, Su Yan stopped trying, believing that time would prove it all. One day, Wei Zhou was on the tabloids, rumored to be having an affair with a female celebrity. Su Yan sought an explanation from him. So long as he explained, she would believe him. But Wei Zhuo never explained. He merely answered coldly, “Just behave as Mrs. Wei and mind your own business.” Mind her own business? Su Yan laughed. Looking back, how much of a fool had she been to assume she could melt his iron heart? Any blazing passion would eventually die out from indifference until nothing was left. Su Yan then realized. She was rich, beautiful, and had a great body. Why must she waste her efforts on a heartless blockhead like Wei Zhou? Su Yan dragged Wei Zhou to the Civil Affairs Bureau to separate their union. From now on, whoever they dated had nothing to do with the other! After their divorce, Su Yan went back to being herself. Excellent as she already was, Su Yan unleashed her dazzling light upon the world once more. Then, once every few days, Wei Zhou would see gossip about his ex-wife on the trending searches. Yesterday, she was having a candlelight dinner with a movie star, today, she had brought home a young hunk to engage in passionate romance?! Wei Zhou threw his phone on the floor. “To hell with your passionate romance! That’s my woman!” Surrounded by gorgeous men and enjoying her life, Su Yan asked, “Mister, who are you?”

  • Reincarnated with a system in a cultivation world

    Reincarnated with a system in a cultivation world



    Fate is weird. Of all the people in the world, why would it select me to send to a different world? And what is it trying to do? Put up a show by giving me a system? But oh well, what do I care. The previous owner of this body was a cripple and looked down on, but now I can slap their faces with my system. Young masters? Get out of my way! Princes? Geniuses? Oh please. I have a system. That does not mean anything to me. I know that I am not the greatest. But fate gave me a cheat system, and I am not wasting it. I am going to do whatever it takes to conquer this world. Fate forced me to do this. It isn’t my fault if I cause some ruin on the way. Note - In the few months that this has been up, I noticed that many readers complain that the MC is stupid and dumb. That is how he is at the beginning. He is skeptical. He does not believe that he is reincarnated. But as the story progresses, you can see that he develops and adapts. I hope that you can get till there. WPC #254 Bronze Prize Winner Trending All-time monthly Ranking Goal Top 100 = 4 Bonus Chapters at the end of the month Top 50 = 5 Bonus Chapters at the end of the month Top 25 = 10 Bonus Chapters at the end of the month If you like a relatable MC, with a little humor and overpowered stats, as well as a good story line with a little romance, then this is the novel for you. Events will transpire in first person. Support me by voting with powerstones Extra support at - Discord -

  • Playboy CEO Has a Baby

    Playboy CEO Has a Baby


    3rd in WPC 223 Contest. Bai Renxiang, the first young miss of the Bai family had her name on the headlines with a shocking discovery. As though that wasn’t enough with her tainted reputation, her angry father threw her out of his house and company while her boyfriend broke up with her for an arranged marriage, basing it on the trending news. She was abandoned and left alone. All but two persons stood beside her, her mother and maternal grandfather. Life not being satisfied, decided to throw her world into chaos again, with her mother being diagnosed with cancer of the Kidney. In a bid to get help for her mother’s surgery, she found herself seeking help from her step sister and unfortunately being in the same situation that ruined her life before. At the end of it all, she was left with a cheque and her dignity GONE. Li Fengjin, the mysterious CEO of Emperor's Enterprise, the untainted playboy who gets pestered by his parents to get a stable relationship, got laid one night. He could not forget what transpired between him and the mysterious lady that sauntered into his room that fateful night. He tried to find her but he got nothing. In the storms and trials of life, would Bai Renxiang be able to rise and find out who set her up to get revenge? Would he be able to find her? Would they fall for each other? Will they be able to pass their trials without falling apart? And what about the sweet little thing holding unto his leg from nowhere and saying, ‘Will you be my dad?’ Find out how these two weave their fates in the threat of life. ****** "Sir, we have searched and searched but there is no trace of her anywhere.” “How come? Search again,” Li Fengjin ordered. “But...” “NO BUTS!” He yelled in anger. “Get this done, now! Find her and bring her to me if you must.” “Yes sir.” Beep! Taking in a deep breath, he tried to calm down before unlocking his phone and looking at a picture on the screen. "Think you can run off after leaving my world in a storm, huh? You have to take responsibility for me. Keep hiding, I would find you and make you mine." ************** This is my first book. Cover not mine, all credit goes to the owners. I would take it down if he/she wants. Message me on discord @Winnie_D_Pooh#7708

  • Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

    Losing Money to Be a Tycoon


    I really just want to lose money! T_T Best boss ever, prodigy of the business world, genius creator, visionary of the century. These are the descriptions used for Pei Qian, President of Tengda Corporation. Ever since his rebirth, Pei Qian finds himself in possession of a system that rewards him if he manages to lose money. Instantly, a brilliant idea comes to mind — making crappy games! "If the game flops, all my investment cost will be lost!" "How difficult can it be to lose money?" Indeed... how difficult can it be? ------------------------------------------------------------ This book is highly popular in China and has set off a new trend. Webnovel has very high expectations for this book and has gotten the author to refine the first chapter as an exclusive for global readers. We hope everyone will enjoy reading it.

  • Blood Elf Monarch

    Blood Elf Monarch



    Abandoned since birth, mistreated, exploited, betrayed, and hurt. This was all society had offered to Tristan. The day of his release from prison, he was transmigrated to the world of orcs and elves and forced to become the Legendary elves champion. The Blood Elf. [Blood Elf Monarch Innate Ability Activated] [Stage One Skill - Blood Extraction] [5000 Mix of low qualities blood cells found] [Extract Blood Cells] [2000 Blood Essence Extracted] [Battle power increase exponentially] Being the Undying Ancient Blood Elf during the war between races of humans and elves, will Tristan renounce his people to be part of the Elves, or will he follow his own resolve? Follow The Adventure of Tristan as he becomes the leading Monarch of the Universe ----------- Novel Video Trailer: Type "Blood Elf Monarch" in youtube Here are some of the things you will find here MC: smart but with questionable morals. Start OP but still have a deep of weak - strong growth World: Imagine Lord of the Ring with guns and spaceships System: There is a system but it will not be the focus of the story Harem: Yes, but I love romance, so there will be love interests and drama, not all about p3nus *The Monarch characteristic will not really show until volume 3, the MC will have some flaws at early chapters its part of his growth This is my third novel, my first novel was in the top 50, and my second novel is now Top 15 trending in webnovel, so hopefully, this third one will be even better.

  • After My Divorce I Picked Up the Richest Boss in the World

    After My Divorce I Picked Up the Richest Boss in the World


    Jiang Zhi was a good person in her past life. She was so good that she was placed on a pedestal and married a scumbag for the sake of her family's fate. It was a painful life, but in the end, her family still felt that she did not do well enough. When given a chance to start over, Jiang Zhi expressed that she would reject emotional blackmail and choose her own fate! Hence… Father Jiang, "Your husband likes to watch beautiful women dance. Do you want to go get lessons?" Jiang Zhi smiled and nodded. The next day, she went to apply for a boxing class and beat up the scumbag at the red-light district. Stepsister, "Hey, stop working out. Only by being as weak as me can men have the desire to protect you." Jiang Zhi smiled. "I can beat ten weaklings like you with one hand." The divorce and face-slapping happened in one go. Jiang Zhi became an anomaly in the family, causing panic and eventually being expelled from the family. Everyone was waiting for her to come back crying and beg for mercy. However, surprisingly, Jiang Zhi, who had left home alone, was doing very well. She started a company, invested in it, and managed celebrities… She even picked up a handsome little celebrity to raise. The little celebrity was destitute, but he actually had the constitution of a koi fish. Ever since she picked him up, Jiang Zhi was lucky and her business went smoothly. She even had fewer enemies. But… her waist was hurting too. Seeing that it was getting better after Jiang Zhi's divorce, the wealthy ladies were extremely jealous. Later on, Jiang Zhi became the big boss of the Beijing circle. Her family kept sending her candidates and asking her to choose a marriage partner. Jiang Zhi waved his hand in frustration. "You want me to marry you? Unless you're the richest man." The next day, a photo of the mysterious richest man in the country was taken and trending. Jiang Zhi, "???" Why did this photo look more and more like the little celebrity beside her? The next second, Jiang Zhi was pinned down on the bed by the man. "I've been with you for two lifetimes. When will I be able to become a full-time employee?"

  • A World Worth Protecting

    A World Worth Protecting



    By the year 3029 CE, Earth's technology has developed rapidly, borders no longer exist, and Earth has been unified, marking the beginning of the era of the Federation. At that time, a huge sword flew from the heavens, piercing the sun and causing a huge sensation on Earth. Perhaps because the scabbard of the sword was already in tatters, countless shards have broken off from it following the collision with the sun and spread across the universe. Many of these shards have landed on various places across Earth. With the arrival of the bronze sword and its shards, a new unlimited energy source has suddenly appeared on Earth. This energy source has since been named Spirit Qi. Spirit Qi is like air, thick in some places and thin in others. As the Federation and other factions gather more shards, they discover more information on cultivation, pill refinement, Spirit Stone refinement, and other techniques. The words on the shards have an ancient feel to them, making it a trend for people to use ancient language. The appearance of Spirit Qi rapidly makes the original energy sources obsolete and has completely changed people's lives. Not only has the Spirit Internet been formed, Spirit Qi has also changed the course of Human Civilization, causing the world to enter a civilization of cultivation. This would later come to be known as the Spirit Inception Era.

  • Penyihir Terhebat Bumi

    Penyihir Terhebat Bumi



    # Indonesian Internasional Best Selling Author Sejarah ditulis oleh para pemenang, kata mereka. Jika demikian, bagaimana dengan sejarah Bumi, tempat kita tinggal sekarang? Dua ribu tahun yang lalu, seorang anak laki-laki bernama Emery mengalami nasib tragis. Pada nafas terakhirnya, dia dibawa dan diterima di sekolah sihir paling bergengsi di Alam Semesta. "Kamu adalah beberapa orang terpilih dari ribuan dunia manusia. Apakah kamu memegang atau tidak dari kesempatan ini, itu terserah kamu. Kamu berada di Magus Academy, puncak kecerdasan humaniora. Sihir, sains, dan semua kekuatan tersedia bagi mereka yang mencarinya. " [Scan selesai - Afinitas empat element: Air, Bumi, Tumbuhan, dan Kegelapan.] "Acolyte empat element! Hanya satu dari puluhan ribu acolyte yang memiliki ini!" Maka dimulailah perjalanan Emery bersama dengan 4 temannya dari sudut pelosok Bumi. Setiap tahun mereka kembali ke Bumi untuk tumbuh, membalas dendam, menyelamatkan sang putri, menaklukkan dunia, dan menjadi Magus Terhebat di Bumi. Nama mereka masih tertulis dalam buku sejarah kita hingga saat ini. ----- Bisa cek juga versi inggrisnya yg Trending di Global #Earth Greatest Magus atau kunjungi websitenya unutk video youtube dan link discord Terimakasih

  • My boss is my ex-lover (completed)

    My boss is my ex-lover (completed)


    Natalie Zhuang came to a wealthy family in Shanghai. Her father owned a clothing company, one of the biggest clothing companies in the country. Jian Hong is a famous actor who came from an average family. The two of them met and developed a special feeling for each other. But Natalie left him, he was so broke! The woman he loves left him when he needs her most. Later on, he learns that she's getting married to the Young Master of the Su family. But Natalie's Family business suffered bankruptcy! The bodyguards, servants, luxury cars, and her luxurious life was gone! Her family lost everything they have! Five years later, she has to work as a designer at the rising clothing company, " Today's Trend". But she was surprised when she learned that, Jian Hong, the man that she left five years ago is the owner of the TTCC which is founded two years ago! What is his motive for hiring her? Does he want to prove that she was wrong for what she said to him five years ago? Does he want to face slap her? Or, will their love for each other bloom again?

  • Blue Moon

    Blue Moon

    Senior year has approached, and Blue couldn't be more anxious to graduate. As a trend starts to go around the school on who could lose their virginity, Blue doesn't take part in it. With him being the only virgin in his senior class, he knows he has to protect his V-Card at all costs.

  • G-ONE  {Hero with a HART}

    G-ONE {Hero with a HART}


    A game can bring changes in life,such as one changed a boy Jeevan to G-one and gave him supernatural abilities in exchange of his most precious part of life.The loss of that part torments him and force him to get his revenge.While followed by this mindset, life decides to give him a new reason for living and to make him realise that this powersare a boon to his life.Will he be able to take his revenge and protect those who he loves at the same time?

  • G-one [Hero with a HART]

    G-one [Hero with a HART]


    A game can bring changes in your life, so one changed a boy from Jeevan to G-one. The game gave him supernatural abilities but, in exchange of the most precious part of his life. Losing the only member of his family, he is now stray and longs for revenge. Every now and then the loss torments him and makes him remember the reason to have revenge. However, when he thought he lost everything, God had other plans for him and introduced a girl who was very familiar to him like they had met before. With the person who killed his mother and the one who is after the girl, he is in a conflict to protect and destroy. His friends help him in his path but less G-one knew, involving them was a great mistake.

  • G-ONE II

    G-ONE II


    Moon,the God on earth,lost her all elements when she entered this magicless realm known as earth. All her magic scattered all around the world causing dramatic changes in the surroundings. This fact was unfolded to them when another God visits them,all wounded, on the verge of death. On his request,G-one with his friends sets out on a world tour to collect those elements. The magic vs science battle reaches next level when G-one finds all his friends to have godly powers because of the elements they were seeking. The elements were in Moon,making her the most powerful being in the universe,who can kill anyone even the gods. The gods find it to be unbearable and tries to intercept G-one and his friends in their path. Let's find out about how G-one collects and saves his friend at the same time.

  • Heaven-sent Wife: Good Morning, Mr. Mayor

    Heaven-sent Wife: Good Morning, Mr. Mayor



    After her husband was bumped up to the trending searches only did Wu Man find out about his affairs. Before she could suggest a divorce, she overheard her husband plotting with his mistress a way to ‘kill her in an accident’… Wu Man couldn’t take it anymore! Since the third wheel had paid for the trending search, Wu Man would give her the fame she desired! She gathered evidence and sued her husband to leave their marriage with nothing! She didn’t care if her in-laws were threatening suicide, they could do as they pleased. She wouldn’t give them a single penny! Returning to the ranks of wealthy bachelorettes, her best friend dragged her to a bar to celebrate. The next day, Wu Man found a man lying beside her. To her surprise, it was the city’s mayor, Li Dongsheng, who regularly appeared on television! Before she managed to escape, Li Dongsheng woke up. A low and sultry voice asked, “Don’t plan on taking responsibility?” Take responsibility? She might not be capable of that! Li Dongsheng said, “Just lie down and I’ll do the work.” Wu Man was speechless. He would even say that for money?! After a thought, Li Dongsheng added, “Yeah, I don’t feel like working hard anymore.” It wasn’t until after their marriage that Wu Man saw the countless property deeds and car keys. Then, she realized… What was all that talk about not wanting to work hard anymore? He was just trying to cheat her body by acting poorly!

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