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  • The Beast in the Basement

    The Beast in the Basement


    A beast! That was past. A boy! Now is the present. Boy or Beast? Whom to choose? It's getting difficult. But why should I choose after all? I don't want anything from him though... Wait! The boy turned to beast!!! Unbelievable! How is it possible? But,... why others are unable to see him? Am I cursed? I've to go the depths of this case. I'm curious to know more about him. Will beasts be obedient? But he is polite and kind to me only!... Others can't see him as a beast and also his obedience. But this beast boy is in the basement of our castle. Why? My father is hiding something from me, no, from all people around him. If no one can see his true self, then why is he caged up in the basement? It's getting more interesting. After a few years that girl turned into an adult and said to the beast, "I can't think nothing but you! I'll take you away with me. A far far place from here. We will live happily ever after. I'll hold close, though death can't do us apart!" Are the last words he heard. THE BEAST IN THE BASEMENT. Is a story about a beast who is very old but looks like a young boy to all others and a princess who is more like a prince in behavior and attitude. *The cover page is from Google. I don't have any copyrights. I just edited the name on it.*

  • The Basement Files

    The Basement Files

    Horror&Thriller SCARY

    A collection of horror shorts.

  • Murder in the Basement

    Murder in the Basement

    There's a silhouette of a girl that resembles a cheerleader in the back of my kitchen. I thought she was a ghost at first. But then there's a news of a girl that was kidnapped. That girl was reported to be a captain of cheerleader. A week later, I was here, in the police station, because that girl was found in my freezer. They say I am The Killer. I knew I am not. But why, why is did she look feels so familiar?

  • The Town in Our Basement

    The Town in Our Basement

  • Crack Basement Defense

    Crack Basement Defense

    I dont know how to delete this

  • life in basement

    life in basement

  • Creepers In The Basement

    Creepers In The Basement

    Horror&Thriller ROMANCE SCARY

  • The Boy In The Basement

    The Boy In The Basement

  • The Shoe In My Basement

    The Shoe In My Basement


    I was just playing a harmless game of truth or dare with my best friend when my life was ruined.The police were keeping secrets, my boyfriend was acting creepier and creepier by the day, my parents were nowhere to be found. I had no clue what was going on, I was afraid for my life. Then, my best friend disappears. My principal disappears. More and more people start going missing, and finally once my crush is gone, the police start paying attention.All because of the shoe in my basement.

  • Reincarnation: I Married My Ex's Brother

    Reincarnation: I Married My Ex's Brother

    Contemporary Romance REINCARNATION CEO


    "Marry me. Once we're married, I will be loyal to you for life—as long as you keep me alive." Qiao Jiusheng was pushed into the water by her older twin sister, had her identity stolen, losing her old love and life. With no other choice, she seeks out Fang Yusheng, the blind man rumored to have no interest in women. With blank and empty eyes, he says, "Sure." In her past life, she was betrayed by her sister and trapped in the basement. Her tongue was cut off as she watched her sister take her place, winning overall her loved ones, marrying her lover of six years, and starting a family with him. Now that she's back to a time before it all went wrong, Qiao Jiusheng escapes from the river and goes to her boyfriend's older half-brother. She puts on a mask and marries him, to fight their common enemy. The wheels of fate begin to spin, and the severed threads of destiny are once again entwined... Before their wedding, he tells her, "Don't peek at me so openly just because I'm blind and can't see you." On the night of their wedding, he tells her," You don't have to dress like a bear. I don't care for women." Half a year after their wedding, just because she gives another man another look, Fang Yusheng covers her laptop, phone, bedside drawers, desk, and wallet with nothing but his selfies.

  • The Basement's Playroom

    The Basement's Playroom

    Horror&Thriller R18 COMEDY SCARY KIDNAP

  • Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

    Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

    Fantasy Romance REVENGE CEO MAFIA


    After being imprisoned in the basement by her mother for ten years, she ended her cruel and tragic life in death when they forced her to hand over the key to the hidden treasure. Getting reborn in her teenage years, she woke up in the bed of that terrible and powerful man. This time, she must take revenge on her enemy, and now she must live. Having nicknamed 'The Loli of The East', this young lady broke through the heavily fortified private prison and managed to snatch the key that the man had been searching for as she escaped into the forest. "Woman, you've successfully attracted my attention." This man, who appeared to be the CEO of a business empire on the surface but was the godfather of the largest mafia, carried a military-tier bag and entered the forest. He felt that the Loli of The East possessed a fatal attraction. She was not a weak woman. On the contrary, she was stronger than most men in the world. Shen knew that the man in front of her was the Owl King. He was all-powerful, cold, and domineering, yet he was persistent towards her. Why did this man plan to do after chasing after her from outside the country into the country, even though she avoided him like the plague? Shen, "Stay away from me, will you?" Yan, "Baby, do you think it's possible?" She was the one and only daughter of the wealthy Shen family. She was the hope of the Shen family. Her battlefield was not within the bounds of a harem, nor was her battlefield centered around a man like a parasitic flower that clung onto her host. Her horizon did not look like that, and it should not be. Therefore, even if Yan built her a magnificent golden house, it would not be able to stop her heart that yearned to soar in the sky.

  • Fire Mage

    Fire Mage



    John Browning, a former underworld assassin, went to his friend Angele's wedding party but ended up meeting his former colleagues. Before he could think that the whole wedding ceremony was a setup to catch him, he felt dizzy all of a sudden! At that moment, he knew that his lifelong friend had already betrayed him and sold him out. John was humiliated in front of hundreds of people and was forced to kneel in front of Thomas, the underworld assassin organization leader. Within a few minutes, they beat him brutally, dragged him to some underground basement, and then locked him in a gloomy room. John felt bitter when thinking about his friend's betrayal. He laid on the cold floor for two days and died miserably. But his story didn't end there. … In a world filled with magic and mystic powers, John Browning woke up in an 18-year-old boy's body. Before he could open his eyes and see his current situation, he felt someone was dragging his body. 'How am I still alive?' He got puzzled inside. But after a few seconds, John learned from the young boy's remanent memories that he was transmigrated to a mystical fantasy game-like world filled with magic and mystic powers! [Author's Note: The Mc will take some time to walk on the path of a fire mage due to less information about the world. So, don't get mad at me guys. If you feel anything wrong with the story, feel free to give me a review or comment. I will try my best and correct it. Have a happy reading!] ... If someone wants to contact me, you can send a request to my Instagram account or just send a mail. Contact via: Discord: Instagram Id: Cover Pic credit: RafaelMousob

  • The Italian God

    The Italian God



    “I said,  go" I warn her. She scoffed and cursed in Russian under her breath. But made her way to the door. "It was nice meeting you" she addressed Maya who I think passed out. I walked to the pole and started untying her hands. I did it slowly so I wouldn't hurt her already bleeding fingers. She is going to be in a lot of pain tomorrow. I caught her before she fell and her face contracted in pain. My suit had blood on it as well, not that I cared. I carried her against my chest looking at her face. Her hair was a different kind of red. God I fucked up big time, she will definitely kill me. I walked with her in my arms out of the basement. "Oh god" I hear, I walked in to the living room. It was filled with Aria and some of her friends, also Enzo and Alessio, who was shaking his head at me when he saw Maya. "Who is she" I hear the girls whispering "Call the doctor" I tell them carrying her upstairs to my room. I sat at the corner of my room with a drink in my hand. With a clean fresh suit. I stared at her unmoving body on my bed, she looks so small on it. The doctor came and checked her body, she had bruised all over her body, a small concussion and her ribs were bruised. Veronica might have went over board this time. He cleaned her cuts and left a ton of medicine she has to take for the pain. He also attached a drip to her cause she was dehydrated. I cleaned her with wet towels and changed her filthy clothes. I was so thankful she didn't wake up, I didn't know how she would react to me seeing her naked. I noticed small cuts and scars on her upper thigh. She also had old ligature marks on her wrists. Something happened to her and I was going to find out what. I put her in one of my shirt and let her sleep. I had to chance into a new suit, my other one was covered in her blood. And I was meant to be at a party very soon. I had to make sure every gun and anything that can be used as a weapon was taking out of my room, I don't want her hurting anyone or me. And I know when she wakes up, she is going to want to kill me. I don't know what to do with her now and I couldn't let her go, she's seen too much. CIA agent Maya Reed is undercover in a mission In Italy, for the past 3 months. When her partner gets killed and all hell breaks loose. She gets kidnapped by the most power Mafia boss in Italy. She tries to escape still having faith that the Americans are looking for her. Not knowing they think she died. Lorenzo … Cold. Ruthless. Killer. I am respected and feared by all. I wasn’t put on this earth to love or be loved. I was put to be a killer, to be feared. When I find a strange girl in my club , killing two of my best costumers. I don’t let her live out of compassion. She’s a trinket, my plaything.

  • Alpha's Hybrid Cinderella

    Alpha's Hybrid Cinderella

    I was the illegitimate daughter of Alpha Kris of Dark Moon. He raped a human slave 18 years ago and that was my mom. I became a disgrace and a shame to my family. They punished me and locked me up in the basement all day except to let me out to complete my daily routine as a slave. Yes. I looked like any common slave of the pack house. No one would expect me as the Alphas's daughter. As a hybrid, I hadn't been able to shift, but I could hear their thoughts. It's not a good thing though, for me, it's a nightmare. Most of what I've heard were my half-sisters' curses and insults. "CLAUDIA! Hurry up and get in here!" I knew Elly was going to scream my name long before her shrill voice echoed out of her room and into the hallway where I waited. This was the daily ritual, every afternoon. She would call for me, and while she sat at her vanity table, I brushed her long hair like a servant to her satisfaction. No one would guess she was my half-sister, nor Maria in the other bedroom..

  • My Vampire Assistant

    My Vampire Assistant



    “A boyfriend in a box. Do not keep under direct sunlight.”After the death of her father the antiquarian, Diana Daraeva struggled with the debt he left her together with his antiquities shop. Her dream of becoming a famous antiquarian was ready to be shattered by reality.Only a miracle could save it, but Diana didn’t believe in those. Not until she accidentally released a centuries old vampire from a sealed coffin in the store’s basement. Jean-Jacques, an embodiment of dangerous allure and mysteries, all hiding behind his suave smile, was Diana’s miracle. In return to Diana’s help, he offered Diana to help fulfil her dream—and she agreed. A best helper there could be—someone who was alive (or undead) when the antiquities of today were made.But when old and new enemies appear, crazy exes compete in the madness of their stunts, and hidden truths unveil, will Diana be able to grow into her heritage and find her place between the two worlds? And how long will she be able to escape Jean-Jacques’s temptations?⠀⠀ ⠀ I stared at him like he just grew another head. “So basically, you chose to pursue me of all people because I'm so impossible for you to seduce, is it? You do realise that you only make your task harder right now?”“But that’s the whole point, ma chèrie! The longer the chase, the sweeter the prize.” Jean-Jacques’s smile turned positively sly, but damn if it didn’t make butterflies fly in my stomach.“What I will keep refusing? Forever?”“Well,” he clicked his tongue, “then this will be a first.”⠀⠀ ⠀ [GOLD WINNER WPC #179]Slow burn, but fast updates~Join my discord server for SPECIAL CONTENT -

  • Blind Box of Real Estate: I Have the Divine-level Hint System

    Blind Box of Real Estate: I Have the Divine-level Hint System

    Did you know what the blind box of real estate was like?The speculators would buy the real estate that had been foreclosed houses.For fairness, the door and windows were locked. You didn't know what was inside.Everyone could only observe outside and look for clues.Maybe the luxurious furniture inside was worth a lot of money, or some of them were leaked which you would cost a sea of money to repair.While others were still raking against the wall and looking around.Lee got the divine-level hint system, and all the house values were clear at a glance!"The decoration of this building is terrible, and the thief has come here in advance. Don't buy it.""This villa is worth 5 million dollars. There are antique gold coins hidden in the basement!""Don't miss this warehouse. It's worth 20 million dollars. There is the authentic work of Picasso in it!"

  • While Others Cultivate, I Use My Multiverse System

    While Others Cultivate, I Use My Multiverse System



    Take a look at the cover. Now take a look at the synopsis. Now take a look at the cover once again. Did you manage to see anything else outside of two big plots on it already? Then let me tell you this - if I'm willing to use this great cover for this novel, then surely as heck I am confident in the first chapter making you read more! (Yes, it's male-lead. Try to catch on what this fact and the cover means together)

  • The Hunted

    The Hunted

    Livana lives in a world she knows nothing about. She lives peacefully in Umani with her family, but her peaceful existence will be turned upside down the day her father comes home with news. A gentleman wants to meet his daughters to take one as his wife. Livana dreads the day he’ll come and pick one of them as if they were cattle. Her anger intensifies when Nathaniel Blakeley chooses her and seals her fate. However, ready to do anything to please her parents, Livana accepts the challenge. She soon realizes her fianc is hiding a lot of things from her and her curiosity gets the better of her. She was not prepared for the truths she uncovers about him and the world she lives in. Especially not for what she finds locked up in Nathaniel’s basement.

  • Waiting for Mark

    Waiting for Mark

    For more than a year, Reggie Mitchell has been sitting at the end of the bar in the Sunset Club waiting for Mark Randall to see him as something other than a customer. He's been in love with Mark for close to two years, but Mark only sees him as a rich college kid trying to go slumming with a bartender. Then Mark gets in trouble helping Reggie's friend Bobby.<br><br>Now a violent ex-lover is threatening Mark. Reggie offers Mark the safe haven of his basement apartment. Can Reggie convince Mark that his safe haven is his arms instead?