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  • Dimensions



    A young man name Jöhn was lost in time and space that he doesn't know where he is. He travels many universes, with every new experience, new friends, and his perspective of his world. But there is a problem, a corruption swallowing the universe on by on killing in a googolplex of innocent lives. But can he handle to save the universe between a man and the variety of fundamental law of physics? Only to find out to this story.





  • Primordial Dimensions

    Primordial Dimensions



    Take a look at my new Novel [Spirit Soul] _________________ "Finally,“ he thought, stepping through the spatial membrane, into the vast and dangerous `Primordial Dimension` where life and death are infinitely close to each other. Dying unexpectedly, Shane found himself in the body of a newborn baby, within a strange, foreign world. The foreign world, inhabited all kinds of terrifying beasts which escaped from the Primordial Dimensions in order to create havoc on it. Even though humanity was on the brink of extinction, the Primordial Dimensions provided an unimaginable opportunity to reach higher realms, while imminently threatening them with the possibility to be conquered by foreign races. But who would have thought that the destructive and cruel Primordial Dimension where monstrous existences emerged from, would one day become humanity´s ray of hope? Becoming stronger and wielding elements by absorbing mana was not a dream anymore, only to notice, that everything was not as simple, as they initially thought... Follow Shane Suro on his journey through the vast Primordial Dimensions where he learns about freedom, friendship, cruelty, loyalty, and betrayal. ------------------ Mc's name is the same as one character in my other novel, but they're not the same! It has a deeper meaning but other than that these two characters have nothing really in common! ------------------ [This novel has the "Fantasy" tag for a reason and does not necessarily follow a common logic] [Information/World-build/Character-growth and interaction with new characters are important to build a proper novel and take their time. Every chapter is important, even if it's difficult to spot it sometimes!] --Mc's earth is fictional and not necessarily our earth!-- ------------------ Check out my Discord-server= https://discord.gg/EdsDgFVWwZ

  • Pocket Hunting Dimension

    Pocket Hunting Dimension


    Lu Ze transmigrated to the interstellar era two thousand years later. The previous owner of this body had lovey-dovey parents and a cute little sister. Although his cultivation talent was ordinary, his life was fulfilling. It could be said to be a dream start. Lu Ze was very happy. However, as soon as he slept, he came to a strange dimension. He almost got taken out trying to fight an one meter tall huge white rabbit. After making the arduous kill, Lu Ze found that things didn't seem to be so simple. After killing prey in this dimension, he could get little orbs that could be used for cultivation. This was going to make him an eternal jungler. But he seemed to be able to hope for domination of the cosmos and invincibility?

  • Wizard World:Struggles of dimensions

    Wizard World:Struggles of dimensions



    Wizards, Magic, gods, Martial arts,numerous worlds, and grand civilizations that run through numerous multiverse in the void, a place filled with countless planes and numerous planar universes. Follow on the epic journey as Layton a seemingly ordinary human from earth reincarnated into a mortal on a weak plane managed by wizards as he follows the wizard path to the peak and beyond.

  • Earthling in Uncharted Dimensions

    Earthling in Uncharted Dimensions



    (Check out my other work, 'A Dersireless Agelong Migrant'.)Young monk Lee Shen of Kathmandu ends up in a different dimension! He became the first person to enter a dimension unknown to earthlings.Through a fortuitous encounter, he got bound with a soul which introduced itself as the Sovereign of the Dimension. After analysing Lee's memory, the soul metamorphosises into a sentient system!And believe me, this is one system you would wish to have!!Here, the eastern fantasy of Qi meets the western fantasy of Mana! Dwarves join sects and cultivators join guilds!In a planet with 20 realms of Qi Cultivation and Mana mastery with 10 levels of progression, the lives you can live are plenty. Join the adventure of Lee Shen, as he unlocks his memories, while the sentient system empowers his journey!Read as he simultaneously cultivates and masters! Track his actions as he unravels the most horrifying secret behind the existence of multiple dimensions! Witness the multidimensional world through his eyes!To all readers, if you didn't like the initial progression, you could just skip to chapter 335.(This novel will be a long run, so the doubts and question mark popping up in your head will be eventually clarified. Please be patient and I assure you a beautiful work to read.)(I repeat, the MC was a monk and the character creation is not done without any homework. Please don't assume that the MC or the story progression is flawed. This is not a conventional story.)(Please note that the 3rd chap, unfortunately, comes after the 6th one. I apologise for the inconvenience.)(The cover was of free source, and I edited it.)

  • Novel Dimensions

    Novel Dimensions


    I lived in the Novel world where all the Novel character become alive...funny? horror? action? romance? you can see it all in one street but not to the person that haven't aware about this worldafter the novel ending, all the character will having a free time for a week but they will be brain wash for the next novel story..if the character of novel world aware about the world, they will be banish from the novel and work under 'WebNovel' and help all the novel or the character to setting or solve the problemthe WebNovel company could only be seen by the people who is aware..But in this case, after 5 years as a WebNovel worker, I got the sudden news that said I'm going to be a main character in a Novel again?"I'm the best worker in WebNovel company. I will solve this thing like I'm flash the toilet!""I hate this guy! why should they stole or copy original novel? that's not how it work and look! there's another same character erh""how romantic was the scene but that doesn't mean it should be raining today! and at the same time, why the ghost is following me?? I'm not a character of horror novel""let me tell you this is novel company and not a drama company""WebNovel is a novel company and not a babysitter company!"




    Alex is our main character in this story how will he conquer the dimension and rule them, readers join me in his journey.chapters are short but I will do my best.I need your support guys. please vote guys if there are any errors please tell me. I will try my best.But I will say the chapter will be always short because if I write lengthy then their will be more grammatical mistakes.

  • 8 Dimensions

    8 Dimensions

  • Shallow Dimensions

    Shallow Dimensions


    Touma has never been outside the walls. The place he has lived in all his life is not a home, but a prison. Until he finds the ability to switch places with a foreigner with questionable motives, he will have to face whatever challenges are put in his path if he wants to restore peace to his homeland.

  • Between Dimensions

    Between Dimensions

    Set in a futuristic world, Ashley, a normal high-school girl is a cold person beside her siblings and is living peacefully as commoners. She always hold on to her dreams to have an access or an authority to go in any of the four dimension divided in this futuristic world. But, as a common people, she could only enter the two of it. Everything starts to go out of control and unexpected when a new guy got enrolled in the same school as her. She's starting to get suspicious of where exactly her family come from and what exactly her family is when she could communicate with a stranger through an old rare gadget she get from her late grandfather. Then, why suddenly the technology starts to being abnormal? Why is one of the dimension's being intrude? And the most weird of all, why Ashley needs to be involved?Side note: Do read the explanation about the story first before you go through the novel, to prevent confusion:)I'm still improvising this story so it may be a bit confusing. I hope you guys like it and give a comment so that I could improvise it to be better!

  • Dimensions abound!

    Dimensions abound!


  • Dimensions in Apocalypse

    Dimensions in Apocalypse


    Astarot Baal Crocus (nicknamed Crocodile) was a College undergraduate boy who dreamed of being a King or influential figure. However, his life was full of misfortune as he entered the adolescence stage of his life. Waking up after he was kicked out of his home apartment, he found out that he was on different earth; an Alternate Universe. While he was in an unknown pit in the park. Ding! A screen of an unknown system called ALL SYSTEM appeared in front of him and everyone else. Forcing them to participate in a brutal survival game. Overwhelmed, Crocus became unconscious and inside his head, another similar system appeared. [Welcome, I am Game Dimension System created by you. Wherever you go, you will go to different gaming dimensions with different game settings like... Boxing room: [Choose difficulty: Easy, Intermediate, Hard, Expert, or God.] "Expert!" [Opponent: Prime Mac Tyson.] Kickboxing room: [Choose difficulty: Easy, Intermediate, Hard, Expert, or God.] "Intermediate!" [Opponent: Conor Beromor.] Etc.

  • Master Of Dimensions

    Master Of Dimensions


    Grey is a boy who dreams of leaving the real world and going on adventure in different worlds. One day a mysterious man visits him in his dreams and fulfill his dream by giving him the ability to travel to diffrent worlds. Grey starts his adventure with his best friend and the girl he loves.

  • Dimensions of love

    Dimensions of love

    about this book,Living in two different ends of the world, A bizarre bond that connects two people who are unrelated...Amidst situations where selfishness is the only villain, let us know about our hero and heroine through this story.

  • Dominator of Dimensions

    Dominator of Dimensions


    A being named X’ravien tried to dominate all the infinite numbers of dimensions.When the concept of time wasn’t existing he was the sole Dominator of everything. But things didn’t go as he planned.His most trusted comrades betrayed him.There wasn’t many beings before the time, approximately 30 or so. X’ravien’s subordinates betrayed him because his goal to dominate all the infinite numbered dimensions will never can be fulfilled.They just didn’t want to shed anymore blood and tried to stop the infinite war which is constantly repeating itself. Sadly only option to get out from this loop was killing X’ravien but he was the first living being in the entire multiverse and his power was far beyond them.His power was on par even if the entire 29 beings succesfuly combines their power and attack him. But soon he got killed by a counsil named “Eye Of The Ancients” and founder of that counsil was his three comrades. They tricked X’ravien and attacked him all 29 of them together.He was powerful enough to play a last game with them though.Before he died X’ravien shredded his soul into 6 pieces and placed them on far,far away places which is located in different dimensions. “Eye Of The Ancients” succesfuly killed him and created the concept of time from the power leaking through X’ravien’s dead body.After time existed he will be forever dead or so they thought. But X’ravien’s body didn’t stop leaking more and more power even when the council created the time.So they decided to make a system from his power in order to prevent others from gaining an equal power to him. Thus the system was born.With the system “Eye Of The Ancients” can always keep an eye on others prowess. Unknown amount of time later new species came to life by the wandering powers left from X’ravien’s dead body. But he wasn’t ready to die without giving his legacy.First piece of his soul found life and everything changed from that moment untill the last “6th” piece became alive.

  • In Between Dimensions

    In Between Dimensions

    What would you do if, after seventeen years of your existence, you are told that you are not what you always thought you are? TJ von Stein has been a troublemaking, mischievous tomboy all her life. Hanging out with guys, while she captains the girl’s lacrosse team is what she did. Family. Friends. Lacrosse. These are the three things TJ’s life goes around, and she’s unobservant of everything else. But now, for some time she's forced to focus on other things. TJ keeps seeing things, things that shouldn’t be seen. Things that don't exist anymore, and she seems to lose her mind day by day. Adding to this her parents drop a bomb on her when she returns from her lacrosse camp, at the end of summer. Boarding School Aldcoast High is a prestigious school for special and talented children, and TJ has no ideas how she fits the bill until she goes in. But as she tries to blend in, she comes across a pair of over cheerful twins, a hot as hell mentor, a supposedly dead boyfriend and a whole lot of secrets yet to be unveiled. Add another level of self-discovery, and a bit of romance in the mixture. Maybe the senior year isn’t what TJ expected it to be. Especially when she’s stuck in between dimensions.

  • Dimensions Of Reality

    Dimensions Of Reality

    An ordinary 14 year old girl, with brown hair and green eyes, Toma, attends her school as usual when she spots a strange creature under her sofa. Coincidentally, a new student had arrived in the school that day. He was mysterious but yet caught eyes of some girls in the classroom. After school, Toma had suspicion that she is getting followed and hides. Suddenly, when she is about to get into her subway, something pulls her back...

  • Dimensions of the Universe

    Dimensions of the Universe

    Teen ROMANCE

    Ryan, Grayson, Adri, and Cordellia were known as the Tsuhima quadruplets. One day at one of their parents' parties they met Ashleine. Ashliene was a shy girl at first glance. Often you would see these 5 kids running around here and there. However, all good things must come to an end. The Tsuhima’s disappeared without a word. Almost as if they were nothing more than a dream. Ashliene was left alone once again in this world. However, is this really the end? (Contains LGBT+ please click off if uncomfortable)

  • The master of dimensions

    The master of dimensions