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  • Chained to You (A Steamy Billionaire Romance)

    Chained to You (A Steamy Billionaire Romance)

    Dark. Powerful. Dangerous.James Maxwell is one of the billionaire elites who rule Las Vegas City with an iron fist.You’re definitely worth two million, Mia. Think about it. Two million. Five years. Your brother will go free. It’s a contract.Those are the words of the gorgeous billionaire James Maxwell, the man who makes my heart race and my body tremble with longing. I want to refuse his proposal, but how can I? My brother owes him two million, and as dirt poor as we are, there’s no way we can find that much money to repay him. What’s worse, I think I’m falling in love with the man who thinks I’m just his mistress.My name is Mia Donovan, a twenty-two-year-old, small-town girl working as a kitchen hand to make ends meet. My world is changing—both for the better and worse. James Maxwell, a gorgeous billionaire with beautiful Prussian-blue eyes, is the man behind this. He makes my heart flutter and my knees shake. When he kisses me, my world melts into a pool of exotic sensations. But his world is dark and dangerous, and being with him is a risk both to my life and my sanity.This is our story.

  • Steamy Reads

    Steamy Reads


    If hot and steamy adult action is your poison, then this bundle has what you are looking for! Whether your specific delinquency is interracial, cuckolding, or just a variety of explicit action we have you covered! Read a plethora of stories of cuckquean wives sharing their husbands and helplessly watching as they shoot their seed inside other women.

  • Steamy One Shots

    Steamy One Shots

    a series of r-rated short stories.

  • Steamy Romance One Shots

    Steamy Romance One Shots

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18 SMUT

    Some hot, steamy, one shot romance stories!

  • Steamy, Unexpected Love

    Steamy, Unexpected Love

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18 CEO

    Lin Min Yi is a dancer that drops her career due to her father's selfishness, she's ordered to enter the entertainment industry as an actress so her father can use her for his advantage. She becomes a rebel and the queen of partying to upset her father thinking that is the only way to get back at him; by ruining the family's reputation. She's trying to find a way out but due to her father's connections, her only option is to follow his orders.On the other hand, there's Luther Mao, a successful CEO of one of the most powerful companies in the country, who also has his hands in the entertainment industry. He's trying to fight an arranged marriage set by her grandfather. He might lose his inheritance if he doesn't get married before turning thirty. Both are struggling while trying to make their own decisions on matters that would affect their lives forever.In the meantime, there's the side story of Qing Hua Lin, a fashion design student that is struggling to pay her student fees in order to graduate from a prestigious college and follow her dreams. ---R-18 since there will be explicit and sensitive topics in the story. ---The artwork is not mine, I can take it down if requested. Credits to the artist.

  • The Secretary Series: A CEO and Secretary Steamy Romance

    The Secretary Series: A CEO and Secretary Steamy Romance

    Carter Anderson is part of the top Fortune 500 and runs a publishing company focused on vintage printing. He is struggling with his past and with the immense pressure that is put on him. When his new administrator, Ariana Adams, walks in to meet him for the first time, they are both awestruck by one another. Once she learns about what he's into, she can't get enough. That is until the media begins to put pressure on them. She eventually begins to wonder whether they can work or not and even though they stumble, they keep coming back together. No matter how difficult it is. Warnings: Sexual Content, Cursing, BDSM, D/s Age Suggestion: 18+ The Secretary Series: A CEO and Secretary Steamy Romance is created by Minette Enfers, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • Chained to You (A Steamy Billionaire Romance)

    Chained to You (A Steamy Billionaire Romance)

    Contemporary Romance DARK BEAUTY SMUT

    Dark. Powerful. Dangerous. James Maxwell is one of the billionaire elites who rule Las Vegas City with an iron fist. You’re definitely worth two million, Mia. Think about it. Two million. Five years. Your brother will go free. It’s a contract. Those are the words of the gorgeous billionaire James Maxwell, the man who makes my heart race and my body tremble with longing. I want to refuse his proposal, but how can I? My brother owes him two million, and as dirt poor as we are, there’s no way we can find that much money to repay him. What’s worse, I think I’m falling in love with the man who thinks I’m just his mistress. My name is Mia Donovan, a twenty-two-year-old, small-town girl working as a kitchen hand to make ends meet. My world is changing—both for the better and worse. James Maxwell, a gorgeous billionaire with beautiful Prussian-blue eyes, is the man behind this. He makes my heart flutter and my knees shake. When he kisses me, my world melts into a pool of exotic sensations. But his world is dark and dangerous, and being with him is a risk both to my life and my sanity. This is our story. * * * WARNING: This story contains mature contents such as mafia, the underground black market, and of course, lots of steamy scenes.

  • A less steamy, more serious story

    A less steamy, more serious story

    I aim to take the nothing feeling I currently have and translate it into words. Therefore I won't be injecting this one with anything steamy, as that eventually kills the vibe I carry through the writing process. I hope you'll forgive me, and expect me back in full swing soon.

  • Hot & Steamy nights with Werewolf Wives

    Hot & Steamy nights with Werewolf Wives


    In the year 1305, the world changed. Creatures and Gods from another world invaded the planet. Influencing, developing, and damaging the world in ways never seen or even imagined before. Countless heroes rose to stop tyranny, while some awakened supernatural powers that defied all logic and reasoning: leading them to be worshiped and feared as Gods and devils.The story begins in the modern age, where our hero catches the attention of the supernatural world. And become the husband of multiple monster gentlewomen, forced to bed every night.Will our protagonist persist with an iron will, or will he give in to the pleasure of the flesh and fall into depravity.....Art doesn't belong to me. So, if you want it taken down, contact me.Join my discord

  • The Royal Contract

    The Royal Contract



    A one-night stand was all she wanted, but that was never his style. Still, they ended up together in a night of passion. No names, no feelings, and no complications. Heiress and advocate lawyer Daniella Hamilton had never wanted her inheritance, only wishing to live a simple life. Still, she ended up in the center of an intense war for power. Now, she had to find the balance between the life she dreamt of and the life that she was meant to have. Enigmatic and brilliant CEO Prince Alexander Princeton renounced his title to his birthright, believing that true power should come from building his own legacy. However, the kingdom faced a new dilemma where he was asked to serve his people and sit on the throne. Separated after their one night of wild adventure. They thought that their unexpected encounter was an isolated incident. However, fate had something else in mind, as they find their way back in each other’s arms, not in a passionate embrace but with a contract that would bind them for a long time. Would their agreement fulfill their dreams, or would it end in a disastrous union? [Warning: Mature steamy content, slight violence (in the later chapters), and some inappropriate language] *** Nominated in the WSA - Webnovel Spirity Awards 2021 Thanks to all my readers for all your support. You have been a great inspiration during my journey in writing this story. I would have never made it if not for your encouragement through your votes, comments, reviews, golden tickets, gifts, and continued support. Thank you so much. COVER PHOTO - Commissioned by Vatarison Instagram: bishop_1275





    One late-night run changed Aila’s life forever after getting caught up in a battle between werewolves and hunters. She is suddenly kidnapped by said hunters and finds out secrets about her past and her future as she embarks on a journey to find out who or what she truly is. Issues arise one after the other when she finally escapes the hunters grasp, only to be taken in by the ferocious Alpha of the Silver Crescent Pack. Unlike most who fear him, Aila challenges his authority every step of the way as she learns more about herself and the dominant, possessive Alpha who tries to claim her. Will heads collide in a battle of will, or can they work together and help keep the hidden world of creatures safe from the hunters? Join Aila on her journey of rediscovery, love, laugh and cry along with her on this action-packed, steamy romance novel. ----- Gold Tier Winner in #161 Writing Prompt Contest - Shapeshifters. ------ *** SNEAK PEAK *** [ MATURE CONTENT ] "Eyes up here, Aila." He snapped; his harsh voice made her look into his eyes, and she was immediately trapped under his stone-cold gaze. She couldn't move her eyes away from his as he stepped closer to her, his movements slow as though he was ready to pounce on her, his prey. Without thinking, she stood up from her position, prepared to bolt, but he grabbed her and pinned her hands against the bed. He moved his knee forwards, parting her legs that resisted only for a second before allowing his knee entry. He pushed it slowly into the spot between her thighs, making her gasp from the sudden contact. "Do you like disobeying me, Aila?" He growled; Aila was confused for a moment until she remembered how easily she defied his commands. Was he really still angry from earlier? But when she searched his face for an answer, she soon found it. He was definitely mad from earlier. "To be quite honest, I do. It puts you in your place," Aila smirked when she met his blazing eyes. He brought his face down closer to hers, the pressure from his knee in between her legs increased, making her bite her bottom lip. "Wrong answer," He growled before biting her lip apart from her teeth. ----- *DISCLAIMER* MATURE CONTENT: Graphic Violence Strong Language Sexual Content Abuse -- 【 Volume 1: Complete】 【 Volume 2: Ongoing 】 -- If you are enjoying the story, please vote with a power stone, leave comments and a review! -- Cover Image: Commissioned by @if._art

  • The Silver Crescent Alpha Prince

    The Silver Crescent Alpha Prince



    **Nominated for 2020 Spirity Awards** Bitten by a werewolf, Dawn Wyatt becomes a Neotide – a werewolf who has no place in the world of pure bloods. What follows is even more harrowing. Targeted for being killed by their father’s enemies, eighteen-year old Dawn Wyatt and her ten-year old brother Cole escape the capturers and literally plead to be taken in by a farmer's family. The family complies, but when the captors offer a huge reward of ten million dollars for the escaped siblings, the family betrays them. To save their lives, they flee the country. Dawn returns back five years later as a 'Bitten' werewolf and brilliant market analyst to carve her niche. And also to avenge those who turned her into a werewolf and took everything away from her, without realizing that she is a cynosure of multiple conspiracies. ------------- Daryn Silver is the lethally sexy Prince of a rare Silver Clan of pure blood werewolves. Cold, ruthless and merciless, he is arrogant. And she is bitten. He wants to eliminate all the bitten—the rogues from the face of the Earth. He's been hunting them down for years. What happens when he meets her? It's difficult to resist her, and challenging to accept her. Dawn’s life is turned upside down when she meets him. She realizes dangerous things about him - He is a pureblood werewolf and is the prince of a rare Silver Clan who every other pack bows to; He has had numerous girl-friends. In fact he had to get restraining orders from some of the crazy ones; He maneuvers her in his world with a proposal she never anticipated. Dawn uses that to her advantage! She knows she is playing with fire. ------------- She nodded and walked inside as he held the door open for her. As soon as she closed the door, Daryn held her hand and pulled her against the wall.  "Daryn…"  He leaned down and placed his hands on either side of Dawn. Their faces were an inch apart. Daryn parted his lips as if to say something. Dawn could feel all the heat that emanated from his body, from his breath. She clasped the cold wall and stared into his eyes. He drew a faction closer and her breathing hitched. Her mind left all the reasoning. This was not what she had expected in his office. It was the first time she had even stepped in there.  "I am unable to stop thinking about you Dawn," he whispered. She bit her lip to stop herself from touching his lips and feeling him.  Daryn grabbed the back of her neck and his lips fell on hers. She shuddered. At first he lightly brushed them and then his kiss turned deep, full of passion, which he had held back for a long time. It was getting harder and harder to not kiss her senseless, to feel her. And Dawn—she closed her eyes. --------- Join me in reading the adventurous journey of Dawn Wyatt and Daryn Silver. Like I said, this is going to be one suspense/thriller/steamy romance novel! So strap your seatbelts for a roller-coaster ride! Warning: This novel is fast paced and contains suspense, thrill and romance. Don't expect typical cliché romance that you keep reading. And if you are looking for that, then I am sorry this book isn't for you! The book contains MATURE CONTENT! ------------- Feral Confessions Series: Feral Confessions: Adrianna and the Alpha (Completed) The Silver Crescent Alpha Prince (Completed) Ileus (Ongoing) Other books: Sugar and Spice: The CEO's Feisty Wife (Completed) Two Contracts: My Lover is a CEO (Completed) Join me on Discord at

  • Steamy Short Lesbian Stories / Lesbian Story / Girl x Girl / gxg /GL

    Steamy Short Lesbian Stories / Lesbian Story / Girl x Girl / gxg /GL


    **********Mature Content ***********

  • Devil's Eyes

    Devil's Eyes



    [Steamy content/Not explicit] >VOLUME 1He was known as wrath, she was just another ordinary girl who shifted in the town. There were dark rumors about him, it was advised to stay as far away from his shadow as possible but she was the only one who had the courage to chase not only his shadow but him as well, unaware of the consequences. They had opposite lives and never crossing pathways but fate had other plans... >VOLUME 2Devastated by the bewildering truth about their real identities, an unseen curse, pain and the weird events around them, they were hellbound to find out about what has been hidden from them years ago. But their sufferings weren't limited to just that...there was a bigger danger...a much more threatening conspiracy being knitted against them... >VOLUME 3Defeated by the dark but illuminated by the light within, she was ready to reappear in the search of her Love lost amongst the fog of time and to claim back what was hers. She was the one who had been said to be the beholder of the four most powerful abilities to ever exist, in a prophecy long ago but she has to discover that very fact about herself, yet. They used black magic to break their bond and to snatch her away from his soul but what they forgot was that Love is the biggest magic to ever exist, capable of defeating all!~~~~~~~~AN/ Don't forget to show your support and encouragement through stones. No! Don't throw them at me, pass them on through that vote thingy ;)

  • Entangled: Crisscross

    Entangled: Crisscross



    When a secret from the past rears its head, a young hacker must choose between marrying a CEO she has never met before and loving her nerd best friend, not knowing that they're the same person......Disguised as her nerd bestfriend, Cross had been protecting her from the shadows. But the past is slowly catching up to her and he feared she might not be able to handle it alone. So he did the only thing he could, he offered to marry her. Except, she doesn’t know who he really is.As passion ignites and danger escalates, the two were forced by fate to stay with each other or perish together......Did you hear what I said?” he asked, his copper eyes bore into her light brown ones. “Get out. While you still can.” His chest raised as he held his breath, controlling the desire that stabbed through him. Restraint, he chanted inwardly. He promised not to touch her unless she would ask for it. And he would die before breaking that promise.She frowned at his sudden rejection. She could still feel his erection pressing against her stomach, his strong arms were still wrapped around her. Was he chasing her out? Or… Sera bit her lower lip. “And if I stay?” it wasn’t a question that needed an answer. The words that he wanted to say ended with a growl. He slammed his lips into her already swollen ones. He had waited far too long, suppressing his needs for years just for her.He couldn’t take it any longer.*The book will contain a lot of steamy and erotic chapters.R18. Reader discretion is advised!Part of Seven Sins Series: Book of LustSex scenes start at chapter 40+#########Chapters not yet edited.Cover is mine.This is a short novel. Less than 300 chapters.Book 1 Sin of Wrath: The Sovereign (Hiatus)Book 2 Sin of Sloth: Lazily Yours (Ongoing)Book 3 Sin of Lust: Entangled: CrissCross

  • Fated For A Demon

    Fated For A Demon



    Demons, Witches, Shifting Giant Eagles, Giant Snakes, Mates, Love and Steamy moments in a lake? What wouldn't you see in a period novel that's full of drama and romance?Quinn is the princess of Neather who the demon king, Vincent asks for her love in return for saving her kingdom from war with their neighboring kingdom. She returns to the demon kingdom with him to be his Queen while the witches and faes are after him, and his step mother tries to destroy them both. Quinn faces drama, love, fighting and enemies everywhere together with her King, Vincent. Can she fall in love with him with no consequences? Will their relationship survive as other creatures are against it? Can She survive the drama of a palace or the attacks from his enemies?





    Follow the wildly dramatic steamy slow-burn series of the seven siblings of the billion-dollar empire, Ashford Sports. You don’t have to be a sports fan to enjoy this sexy drama filled CEO romance. The Ashford brothers and sisters will risk it all for family when they embark on their individual missions for love. Series Collection

  • The Heaven Hill Series

    The Heaven Hill Series

    Fall in love with these bad-boy bikers — with steamy stories ranging from second-chance romances to secret hookups. 18+, sexual situations, violence, sexual violence The Heaven Hill Series is created by Laramie Briscoe, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.





    [WARNING MATURE CONTENT] [READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED] WEREWOLF x VAMPIRE [OUTLINE] Jiang Yue's life was devoid of the entire nebula of emotions associated with fun and elation. Her life was leading life monotonously until her destiny took upon itself to swirl up an uncanny twist. "Where am I?" Jiang Yue has transmigrated into the erotic vampire novel she was hitherto reading before dozing off. Initially taking it to be a dream, she's content, but soon on realization it isn't, panic begins to seize her. What adds more to her trauma is that she is not the main character of the said novel, instead a mere side character fated to die in the next few chapters. Will she be able to find a way to survive in the novel? Also the main hot lead vampire, Wu Jinghang, the one who the female MC of the book, Li Mei and anyone who has read the novel crushes on, will Jiang Yue be able to secure his love? Will she replace the main character in the novel and have all those steamy scenes with the vampire instead? _________________________________

  • The Sins of Anna

    The Sins of Anna



    Romance, Sex, Violence, Drug, Drama, Comedy. The Sins of Anna, Push the boundaries with a Steamy Romance, Violence, Drama, and Sweet Comedy between the main character Anna Darkz and a ruthless mob boss Ren Feng. Story characters are full of inner demons and conflict, they are complex with there own personalities and have their own flaws that they will fight against. These personalities will shape the story as situations arise and they are forced to react and adapt. This is a world where Drugs and Rape are possible, be prepared. Rape will not be shown in detail, but it will be insinuated in some ways. Hookers and prostitution will also be mentioned but not be focal point. Witness the Darkside of Ren’s world that Anna gets dragged into, literally. As her innocence is completely destroyed. Tears and pain, blood and suffering, and Love and passion, which will win out in her heart. Novel Complete Sequel Check out Vengeance for Jenny Where Maliki's story begins. Sat will be a rest day to take care of myself and family time. As I am a mother and kids need family time too. Chap:1 Rude Awakening – First glimpse of main characters Chap:2 Can’t Be Coincidence – Normal life collides Chap:3 Dreams Through Deception – Ren Plots, Chap:4 In or Out – Everything opens wide From there the journey begins. Chap.101 Start a new - Begins a collaboration for a short time with the amazing Panamathers, our two stories collide for a short while. Check it out you don't want to miss the whole story of what happens to bring on this collaboration. Go to I Remember Love for her side of the story. Main Cast: FL: Anna Darkz, Angila Silverman ML: Ren Feng, Ren Hashiro Protectors: Maliki Protectors: Mike Suitors/ Rival: Brittany Berston Suitors/ Rival: Serena Michovali Rival Clan head: Mr. Michovali Rival clan head: Elder Berston Rival clan head/Ally: Daniel Silverman Protector/suitor: Jack Callahan Rival puppet: David Johnson To get the full grasp of the characters keep reading there are secrets that both characters are hiding as battling with. Only by reading will you know if they can overcome their demons, Along the way you might even fall in love and feel conflicting emotions yourself. Spoiler: There will be other volumes coming for the side males. Please add tags: Female protagonist, Smut, Sex, Violence, +18, Slice of Life, Hidden Gem